August is breastfeeding month. For the celebration, we are featuring @titadocmom’s advocacy on promoting and strengthening the practice of breastfeeding among mothers and their babies.

Dr. Marini Tabon- Esguerra (@titadocmom) has been advocating for breastfeeding since 2013. She has organized various events together with public and private organizations including the Philippine Pediatric Society -Central Visayas (PPS CV), SM Cares Foundation, #momprenuers, Department of Health Region (DOH) VII, National Nutrition Council (NNC) VII and Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) Cebu Chapter.

Last August 6, the Big Latch On (BLO)– Hakab Na CEBU! 2016 held at SM Seaside City Cebu was attended by over 1,580 people, 351 mothers with babies and 190 babies latched.

Here are some shout outs from the participants!

Big Latch On -Hakab na CEBU 2016 photos


Big Latch On Cebu 2016 photos


ABOUT @titadocmom’s ADVOCACY

Here’s a little chit-chat we had with Dr. Esguerra on her breastfeeding advocacy.

Since when did you start the Big Latch On (BLO)? Any significant or important achievements?

I started the BLO in Cebu when I  was invited by Breastfeeding counselor Bing Guevara 3 years ago.  That time I was a breastfeeding counselor too.  Since then, I have furthered my studies to become an International Board Certified Lactation (IBCLC). I’m also the Philippine Pediatric Society coordinator for Central Visayas.


What was your inspiration in your breastfeeding advocacy?

Breastfeeding is the core of preventive medicine for children.  Being a Pediatrician and a breastfeeding mother,  I am now well aware of the crucial role of holistic nutrition coming from natural sources. But when I became a mother 7 years ago, I thought that mother’s milk and artificial milk was the same- and I regretted that decision.

I resolved to breastfeed my next child. When I struggled the second time I opened my books and studied to help myself. As the months went by, I realized that I needed to study more in order to help the other moms who have different cases than mine.


Can you share some inspirational message for breastfeeding moms out there? 

Prepare to have all the information you need even before planning your pregnancy! Education and empowerment are crucial to making your informed decision on how you want to feed you child.  When your baby arrives there will be happy and difficult times.  During the trying days remember the decision you made. There is help. It gets better. You will thank yourself for your perseverance,  and your child will thank you a hundred fold.


Indeed, breastfeeding is an irreplaceable bond between mothers and babies. Aside from the nutrition and immunity breastmilk gives, mothers are able to bond with their babies too!



Here’s a BREASTFEEDING acronym to summarize the amazing benefits of breast milk for babies:

  • B- est for babies
  • R- educes incidence of allergies
  • E- conomical
  • A- ntibodies
  • S- tool is inoffensive and hardly constipated
  • T- emperature is always ideal
  • F- resh, never goes sour
  • E- motional bonding
  • E- asy once established
  • D- igested easily
  • I- mmediately available
  • N- utritionally optimal
  • G- astroenteritis greatly reduced


To top off the month-long celebration on breastfeeding, @titadocmom has organized a breastfeeding photo contest with moms and their babies.

To join, send your photo with description to @titadocmomThe top 3 with the most likes will win a 10,000 mAh Powerbank, and the next 15 with most likes will win lactation cookies!

Deadline for photo submissions will be on August 31, 2016. End of contest will be at 1:00 PM on September 5, 2016.

Here are some of the mom’s showcasing their precious moments with their babies.

View the contest album here.

If you want to get in touch with Dr. Esguerra on her advocacy and how she can help you, you may contact:

0943 725 1777 (Bebe) or email: You can also follow her Facebook page here.