About Us

About HiiVe

HiiVe is a health media channel that provides digital consumers with health updates and events through digital healthcare marketing efforts for individual, professional, and organizational development through efficient and cost-affordable services.


To be a leading global digital marketing organization committed to creating strong linkages and responsiveness among health care organizations and institutions for the efficient delivery of services.


To provide quality and consumer-oriented digital healthcare marketing services to organizations through efficient and cost-affordable services.


  1. To assist organizations in building their brand online and on social media.
  2. To increase organizations’ client reach & engagement, and efficiency in delivering services using innovative social media platforms and tools.
  3. To develop a positive impact among health care organizations, institutions and their client towards using digital and social media.


We can help you promote your organization and your events!

Make social media your asset and earn appreciation from your members and partners around the globe!

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Our Team

Kit Sumabat

Kit is the CEO HealthInformatics, Inc. and Co-founder of HiiVe.

Nhet Malaluan

Nhet is HiiVe’s Product Manager and at the same time, works as Community Relations Officers at HealthInformatics, Inc.

Ray Anne Labra

Ray is the Operations Manager of HiiVe and is also keen in handling social media and website contents.